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Do You Self Sabotage

Do You Self Sabotage

Not only is running a great way to blow off steam, boost endorphins and enhance productivity and creativity at work, it’s also a tremendous workout for your bones, joints and heart.

Running can be liberating: imagine propelling your body forward, feeling brave, strong, in control; and yet, free. Let those worries fall off your back and get left behind in the dust.

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, in a park, along the water, on the beach or in a busy city’s streets, the health benefits are equivalent. While some studies find that running outdoors may provide greater health benefits, connecting you to nature and vitamin D from the sun’s rays, a treadmill will also allow you to create hills, incline and perform interval training at ease.

Here are 5 reasons to strap on those sneakers and get running now.

Build Bone Density

A recent study found in Science Daily claims that running, especially long-distance running, can build bone density and strength. Bone mineral density declines with age, but a healthy diet and running routine can delay the onset of loss and help protect against osteoporosis.

You Can Run Anywhere

No gym or weights? No problem. The great thing (well, one of the great things) about running is that all you need is your body, comfortable running shoes and a positive attitude. Running is easy when traveling, and it can also be exciting to take in a new city or neighborhood by foot. Running enables you to cover larger distances and really find that newfound appreciation and experience.

It Makes You A Better Worker

Studies have found that exercise can enhance creativity and performance in the workplace. It can also lead to greater memory retention, cognitive thinking skills and better time management, all of which will increase productivity. Squeeze in a morning run or ditch happy hour after work and hit the pavement.

It Makes You Happier

Running can minimize stress and the activation of the “stress hormone,” cortisol, while boosting endorphins, which can generate happiness. Feeling balanced in life areas is so key to feeling healthier and happier all around and having enough energy to get through the day.

It Keeps You Social

Many hotels, sites, and meetup groups offer running groups, where everyone meets at a particular place and time to share in the experience. Bonding over a run is easy and can help you build relationships with people who have common interests as you. Running in a group also holds you accountable, so you’ll be less likely to bail on your running session for an extra hour of netfix.

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